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The ISAL student group is an international and interdisciplinary collection of students and post-docs interested in artificial life. We chat, share resources, and coordinate online, meeting up when we can at conferences. Our main activities include discussing ALife articles in a structured way, discussing anything ALife related in a non-structured way, aggregating post-doc listings, and collectively stressing about our theses.

Life, but not as we know it (NAWKI)

Exploring hypotheticals of real and artificial life

The ISAL student group is starting a discussion series where we’ll take different crazy hypotheticals and explore them seriously. Discussion will happen informally in a dedicated Slack channel for one month following the question posting, and then will be edited by the board for brevity and formatting. The formatted discussions will be posted on the ISAL student group website and potentially in the ISAL journal. Example questions include:

While we’re not looking to answer these questions by any means, approaching them from an artificial life mindset could be both an enjoyable exercise for us and a good way for others to understand our field a bit. A similar series is XKCD’s “What if”, although this usually approaches questions with physics. An example of the Slack chat format is the political website 538’s chat series.

Journal club

A bi-weekly (usually) meeting to discuss different artificial life articles from across the field. Sign ups for the meeting time are currently underway in Slack.

ISAL award for Outstanding Student Research

We will be awarding a student paper award as part of the 2018 ISAL awards. Any published works by student members can be considered for nomination. Further details of the voting process and timeline will be posted in Slack.


Follow us on twitter or email the Communications Chair Dennis to get a Slack invite.

Future events

ALIFE 2018

We plan on hosting a number of events at ALIFE 2018. Check here or our twitter for updates.

Past events

ECAL 2017

We hosted events at ECAL 2017.

Senior-Junior lunches

To give students a chance to interact with faculty doing research they find interesting in a low pressure setting, we organized lunch-time networking. Students were matched with seniors in the field in groups of 2-3 per senior.

Social Event

We went out for dinner and drinks as a group one night during ECAL.

Student Meeting

We held the first in-person general meeting of the ISAL Student Group during a Friday session of ECAL. Beyond discussing the group and board nominations, students gave 5 minute flash talks on a variety of topic.

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